PT. Muji Karya Utama is a company engaged in property agents which was established in June, 1st 2001, with 3 property agent offices located in 3 major cities in Java, Indonesia. 3 Property agent offices under PT. Muji Karya Utama uses an international brand which is the number 1 property agent in Indonesia, namely ERA Real Estate, the 3 property agent offices are :

  1. ERA Atlas domiciled in Semarang, Central Java
  2. ERA Jatim domiciled in Surabaya, East Java, and
  3. ERA TOP domiciled in Jakarta and Semarang.

Our aim as a property agent office under the auspices of ERA Indonesia wants to develop and implement new innovations in terms of products and services that are needed and desired by home sellers and buyers. We position ourselves as a leader in consumer confidence and the main search for consumer needs in the property sector, because Muji Karya Utama's business philosophy is Growing, Developing and Trusting. With this business philosophy, making Muji Karya Utama further strengthens the relationship between Agent and Customer, Agent with Agent so that the spirit of enthusiasm in the Muji Karya Utama Philosophy is the main provision to become a market leader in the property brokerage industry.